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Tom Herod–Filmmaker and Actor


Like it says above, I like to tell stories with pictures and words that move and entertain. I’ve done this as filmmaker and now, I do it as an actor, as well.

Making movies, sponsored films, commercials and directing theater since 1980, I bring years of video production experience to bare in crafting a style and message (or story) that is unique to any organization, project and budget. As a filmmaker, “I specialize in helping real people be REAL on video.” If you are looking for video production services click on the “Telling Your Story” link to see who I’ve worked with, what I do and to see some of the things I’ve done.

Or just nose around and have a laugh at MINUTESWORTH, our one-minute comedy series, or “Take-a-break” and see some of my video production “just for the fun of it,” or check out some excerpts from acting gigs I’ve had over the past couple of years at the Acting link above.

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But, enough of this business stuff, visit my Minutesworth link for one minute of comedy or “Take-a-Break” and look below at some “Video Production for the fun of it…”


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